Candice Gordon – I Belong To The Night
Candice Gordon - I Belong To The Night

Release Date: Out Now

I’ve been a fan of Candice Gordon for a while and it seems other folk are starting to cotton on so this might be your last chance to get onboard while she’s still at that first rung. ‘I Belong To The Night’ is a dusky, pouty slice of dramatism with a penchant for the theatrical. Channelling the likes of Anna Calvi, PJ Harvey, Grinderman and Florence Welch, Gordon is a (seemingly) effortless talent with edgy guitars chiming out underneath the Berlin resident’s deep, velvety smooth vocals. Shane McGowan is a big fan and supporter of Gordon but where McGowan is known for his shambolic demeanour and similar musical style, Gordon is polished, poised and more than a little stylish. I’ll continue to watch and listen with interest, your move next dear reader.

Live Dates:

8th September – ACUD Macht Neu, Berlin
27th September – Servant Jazz Quarters, London
13th October – Altes Volksbad, Mannheim
14th October – Rockhouse, Salzburg

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