Balako – Nervous Inn (Greco Roman) 
Balako - Nervous Inn

Release Date: Out Now

OK, these guys are fast becoming my favourite Brazilians. Possibly of all time. DJ/Producer duo Balako can do sexy things with a bassline and it makes me want to dance in clothes made entirely of manmade fabrics in garish colours, possibly in a jauntily angled hat as well. Latest single, ‘Nervous Inn’, uses that rolling, super-funky bass line to underpin the song so that the percussion can roam around, jazz-style, and the keys can be liberally sprinkled like magic dust at a Studio 54 party in the heat of summer. The trumpets slide in as smooth as Huggy Bear on a night out and, as Ron Burgundy would say, “this here is baby making music”. Sure, you could fit in some rasping, soulful vocals but you don’t need to, just lie back with a honey on each arm and let that chest hair break free. Yeeeeaaaaaahhh……