Ali Ingle - Saintly/Kool Aid

Ali Ingle – Saintly/Kool Aid

Release Date: Out Now

One of Liverpool’s unsung musical heroes, Ali Ingle, is back with not one but two new tracks – a bold move by anyone’s standards. The first of these, ‘Saintly’ comes with a superbly retro video (and moustache) which stands at odds with the melancholy lo-fi electronica that Ingle’s smooth vocal lays across, luxuriously and yet in a depressive stupor. What I love about this track is that without the video you could be forgiven this was a po-faced East London bedroom electro fodder. That said, with the video, this has it’s tongue firmly in its cheek although the sentiment still remains beautifully pure.

‘Kool Aid’ is the second part of this brace and is a far livelier affair on all sides. With that lo-fi electro vibe kicking back in, Ingle shifts up through the gears until this feels like the montage music from some early 80s coming of age film (I’m thinking ‘D.A.R.Y.L.’). This is uplifting, optimistic and insistent stuff that pairs the lightness of the intermingling synths with vocals that are somewhere between Brandon Flowers and David Kitt which is an intriguing and entirely enjoyable space to occupy. There is a thread of commonality between these tunes which is the excellent song writing and melancholic underbelly but if these two songs were personified in a movie they would be the lead characters from Twins.

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