Siska - Need U Badly
Siska - Need U Badly

Release Date: Out Now

This might just be my favourite tune of the summer so far, largely down to the catchy chorus and refreshingly honest lyrics. French trip-pop artist Siska sings in English but with such a soft siren call of a voice that it really doesn’t matter what the language is on new single ‘Need U Badly’ – a title that feels like it came from a poorly translated T-shirt slogan. The sparse, skittish beat and woozy melody of the chorus provides the perfect foil for Siska’s soulful vocal to repeatedly state “I need you badly” with all the desperation and primal need inherent in the simple lyric. There are four remixes of the same song on this EP, all distinct in their own right, but it’s the first remix by Tom Fire that does this song the most justice so start there and see what else floats your boat.

Live Dates: 

28th July - Music Fesival, Gardanne
4th August - Urkult Festival, SE