Go Gracious – Shake 
Go Gracious - Shake

Release Date: Out Now

There’s been a bit of a trend for slow burning intros of late which flies in the face of all the advice you normally get from the recording industry – hit ‘em hard and hit ‘em fast. Go Gracious, however, have gone back to the basics on debut single ‘Shake’ which jumps straight in with a crunchy beat and wall-to-wall guitars before the artwork has finished loading up on screen! At a second under three minutes, this is riotously fun indie-pop with a laddish sneer and Vampire Weekend guitars. The line “I could stop drinking but you’re only fun when I’m drunk” kind of sums this tune up but if you need a more hedonistic line to shout back at the band then “champagne, cocaine, whatever makes you happy” should do it. I’ve been pretty vocal about my approval for protest songs this year but this tune is the “fuck it, let’s get wasted and have a good time” anthem that 2017 needs. So, turn off the 24-hour news feed, log off Twitter, gather some mates and crack open a bottle of whatever floats your boat with ‘Shake’ on a loop.