Babepunch – Control 
Babepunch - Control

Release Date: Out Now

It’s the hope and expectation that lets you down so often in this music reviewing game so it’s a huge and satisfying relief when the hope and expectation I placed on a band named Babepunch (strong stuff) was rewarded tenfold. The Nottingham five piece have birthed ‘Control’ and it’s bawling, screaming bratty slice of sub-two-minute punk with fuzzy edges and oh so much power. Calling this Riot Girl would be underplaying the punch that these babes pack (sorry) when, actually, they could go toe to toe with Queens of the Stoneage for sheer standing-in-front-of-a-jet-engine power. This is a real statement of intent in the vein of, obviously, Hole, L7, Veruca Salt and Deux Furieuses but also My Bloody Valentine and the aforementioned Queens. If this is what they can do with less time than it takes to make a Pot Noodle then I’m signing up now for the first live show within spitting distance. Exhilarating.

Live Dates:

7th July – JT Soar, Nottingham