MY – W.I.L.D. (Relentless Records) 
MY - W.I.L.D.

Release Date: Out Now

When I first heard this tune I made two assumptions. Firstly, I assumed that this was a polished and finished US Pop product and secondly that this was a duet. Wrong on both counts. Sweden’s latest musical prodigy (seriously, what are they feeding them over there?) is MY and she is probably one of the most important Swedish exports for years – musically speaking, she can’t compete with IKEA. The single, ‘W.I.L.D.’ opens with a wonky, Indian beat and sketchy samples before a slick Katy Perry meets Paramore vocal kicks in with defiant vocals and the sense of more to come. And then more comes. The chorus builds with innocent anticipation before MY sings “welcome to the wild” in a dirty, M.I.A.-esque vocal snarl and that beast of a melody drops. Stick a great video on this and play it on an hourly basis at every festival this summer and you’ve got yourself a nailed on banger that will stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Lordes, Katy Perry’s new material, Rihanna and Angie. Love it.

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