Lion Babe – Hit The Ceiling
Lion Babe - Hit The Ceiling

Release Date: Out Now

New Yorkers Lion Babe with a new song and video which are both triumphs of style and soulful gorgeousness. ‘Hit The Ceiling’ is slung loosely around a woozy melody and Sunday morning rhythm which gives vocalist Jillian Hervey space to let her luxurious Beyonce meets Kelis vocal roll out like the most velvet carpeted of welcomes. This has all the style and sophistication of the Weeknd in terms of melody and production but with the added class and sophistication that you might expect from someone like Alicia Keys or Corinne Bailey-Rae. The really intriguing thing about this duo (apart from Hervey’s frankly incredible hair) is that they are just that, a duo. Fully self-sufficient and not reliant on a studio to put words in to Hervey’s mouth, Lion Babe are as impressive vocally as they are musically which speaks volumes for the talents of Lucas Goodman. Get involved in this pair now, you won’t regret it.

Watch the video: