Italia 90 – Competition 
Italia 90 - Competition

Release Date: Out Now

First things first, Italia 90 is a great name for a band. It was the World Cup that got me in to football and it spawned the greatest football song of all time so I’m chuffed that there is a band named after this iconic tournament. This single from the London quartet starts with an unholy slab of feedback and a military rhythm (I say military in the sense of Viking army) and at around the minute mark some sort of beat breaks out from the haze and then the kind of vocal that Ian Dury made a living from. This is intense stuff and some would call it art rock or post punk but to me this is just powerful honesty and a passion to say something. This near spoken word mantra “freedom to choose, freedom to lose” is repeated and the guitars spiral in to a never-ending landscape of concrete bleakness straight out of an 80s HIV public warning advert. Essentially, if you want to hear what Theresa May’s Britain will look like in a few years then listen to this. All seven minutes of it.