Goose – Trip feat. Stefanie Callebaut (Believe Digital/Safari Records) 
Goose - Trip

Release Date: Out Now

Ah, Goose. The crazy Belgians are back and they’ve brought Stefanie Callebaut along for the party. New single ‘Trip’ is here and it’s a beast. Kicking off like Depeche Mode, all wonky and dark, this soon turns in to a Florence + The Machine inspired duet with distorted beats and juicy synths rippling to create a tune that should feature on the next Hunger Games soundtrack if there’s any justice. This kind of electro-ballad is rare these days which is shame but essentially if you take the heart out of a Berlin-esque 80s power ballad and strip it down to it’s component parts you could put it back together to create something along these lines. I don’t know if Electro-ballad is a recognised genre but if it is then this is leading the way in that movement.

Live Dates:

8th July – Rock Zottegem, Zottegem
9th July – Cactus Festival, Bruges
12th August – Brussels Summer Festival, Brussels
25th August – Scene Sur Sambre, Thuin
23rd September – Kadepop, Groningen

6th October – Goose Non-stop @ Patronaat, Haarlem