Richard Thorncroft – You Can’t Handcuff The Wind (Truth Discs)
Richard Thorncroft - You Can't Handcuff The Wind

Release Date: Sometime in the 80s

“You can’t handcuff the wind, if you try you’re gonna fail, it’s like trying to put thunder in jail”. So goes the chorus from this 80s beast courtesy of Richard Thorncroft (the latest character creation of Julian Barratt as part of the new Mindhorn series) and you can’t help but be swept away in the sheer opulent ambition of the song. On the sound front, you’ve got lush synths, overblown lead guitar, drums played out on drum pads and the kind of vocals that you’d expect from Boston or Duran Duran. Visually (and the video is a visual treat), you’ve got a fine moustache, some mullets, some great pencil mic action and the kind of blue jeans you only got in the 80s. Stonewash, natch. The genius of this song is that if you popped this in to an 80s disco at Butlins around 9.30pm, I’m pretty sure nobody would bat a heavily made up eyelid. Comic and musical genius. Nice.

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