Muse – Dig Down (Warner Bros Records)
Muse - Dig Down

Release Date: Out Now

Phew! Everyone’s favourite anti-establishment prog-rockers have returned just in time to rouse their followers in time for the forthcoming general election in the UK. Sort of. Muse’s new single, the first off a forthcoming album, comes in the form of ‘Dig Down’ and it’s very much in the same vein as ‘Madness’ with its electro throb and processed beats providing a bed for Matt Bellamy’s softly soulful vocal. As the song unfolds, however, there’s an air of a futuristic gospel choir to this which feels almost evangelical and, along with the typically bonkers video, gives the impression that the band are trying to stir something in technologically addicted society. “Dig down and find faith” they preach. “When God decides to look the other way and a clown takes the throne” they accuse. “We have entered the frey and we will not obey and we must find a way” they tell us. So who’s up for a fight? Not a physical, angry, aggressive fight. No, this is an assertive, proud and honest fight that says “I matter, I count and I will be heard”. A fight with a big, sexy electro-prog soundtrack with screeching guitars, of course. 

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