Little Hurricane – Same Sun Same Moon (Mascot Label Group) 
Little Hurricane - Same Sun Same Moon

Release Date: Out Now

This is the third album by California duo Little Hurricane but it’s the first long player I’ve heard from the couple and I’ve got to say I’m mightily impressed. Tone and C.C. (for they are Little Hurricane) are sold as a Blues duo but they are so, so much more than that. The album opens with the title track, ‘Same Sun Same Moon’, a jerky indie-rock number with a juddering, Jon Spencer riff but a pop underbelly that is more akin to Rooney. Next up is the recent single ‘Bad Business’ that first brought these guys to my attention and it still sounds as raw, sexy and heavy as it did on first listen so you can see where the Blues 'pigeon hole’ comes from. But then there’s ‘OTL’, a track that would sit comfortably on a Sam Smith or Cee Lo Green album such is the focus of its pop mentality with crunchy beats and soulful vocals.

On ‘Isn’t It Great’ there’s more of that Blues flavour but with a modern edge as they channel the Black Keys while ‘Take It Slow’ does just that on a dirty, swampy little ballad with enough punch to keep you interested. There’s a Tarantino vibe to ‘Lake Tahoe Eyes’ as the smoky guitar and shuffling drums evoke images of the Nevada desert before it’s even mentioned in the lyrics. On ‘March Of The Living’ the duo kick things up notch with a stomping, teeth-gritted number that is all revved engines, leather and the perma-stench of cigars – it doesn’t even need any vocals, it’s that good. The drumming of C.C. takes centre stage on ‘Mt. Senorita’ as Little Hurricane do their best White Stripes act over the top of a jerky yet steady rhythm. These guys have versatility and a range way beyond that which a duo should sensibly be able to achieve – it’s almost arrogant…..almost.

Little Hurricane - Tone & C.C.
As the album rounds the final bend for the home straight, we come across the misty, mountain morning sound of ‘For Life’ which is delivered is sleepily as the trumpet suggest it should but with a Maroon 5 lounge swagger about it – I’ll leave it up to you as to whether that’s a good thing or not. “You remind me of someone I don’t like much” is the opening salvo of ‘You Remind Me’ which precedes the band going for yet another style as the Reggae scratch of Tone’s guitar makes your head bob lazily. ‘Slingshot’ returns to the Blues vibe as that guitar vs drum dynamic pulls another cracking tune out of the bag before the album finishes up on ‘Moon’s Gone Cold’ which is a country infused acoustic meander through life’s general up and downs but always coming out on the upside. I would recommend at least one track on this album to most of the people I know and I know some pretty diverse people with eclectic tastes so that should be recommendation enough. If you need more convincing then just give it a listen, you won’t regret it.

Live Dates:

2nd May – Borderline, London
4th May – AB Club, Brussels
5th May – Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel, Zwolle
6th May – Studio 672, Cologne
7th May – Paradiso, Amsterdam
9th May – Espace B, Paris
28th May – Bottle Rock Fest, Napa
31st May – The Catalyst, Santa Cruz
1st June – Echoplex, Los Angeles
2nd June – Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach
3rd June – Valley Bar, Phoenix
4th June – Hullabaloo, Flagstaff

21st July – Karoondinha, Centre Hall