High Signs – A Much Larger Ocean 
High Signs - A Much Larger Ocean

Release Date: Out Now

Toronto duo High Signs (aka Sam and Rich) are releasing ‘A Much Larger Ocean’ as a single and, in their own words, this is a song about ‘the struggle to remain positive without clinging to empty hope or unfounded optimism’. Sounds cheery, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. It’s aggressive, it’s direct, it’s desperate and it’s urgent – it’s everything we need right now. The guitars rumble as much as the drums do and it sounds like they’ve been eating razor blades for breakfast to get a voice that sounds this shredded. For a song that is of blistering pace and only two and a half minutes long this has remarkable amounts of space in it and that space is needed as much as the desperation contained within ‘A Much Larger Ocean’. You’ll either love or hate this but for me it’s definitely the former.