Esper Scout – Compass 
Esper Scout - Compass

Release Date: Out Now

Leeds dames Esper Scout are back with what might just be their most powerful tune to date and that’s something we should all get excited about. ‘Compass’ has an assertive rumble about it that hits you in the rib cage with immediacy and urgency which is particularly odd as I’m listening to this on my headphones. There’s also a sadness and ‘bottom of the barrel’ vibe as the guitars go all Maccabees on us and the vocals echo in the distance, bouncing off the walls of some stone chamber as the quartet prepare for some kind of fight. It’s the rhythm section that is the real tour de force here though as the pure drums and growling, thunderous bass make this so powerful and truly encapsulating. I’ve struggled for comparisons here and I love it when that happens so I’m just going to leave it at that and be happy that Esper Scout have massively delivered on the promise I’ve always heard in their music. This is a big, big tune.

Live Dates:

3rd June – The Chameleon Arts Café, Nottingham
5th June – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
8th June – Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Liverpool
9th June – The Ferret, Preston
14th June – The Fulford Arms, York w/Wolf Solent + Mayshe Mayshe
21st June – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
24th June – Alma Inn, Bolton
25th June – St Mary’s Park, Prestwich
29th July – Mekonville, Suffolk