Clever Thing – Fixer Upper (Be Pacific)
Clever Thin - Fixer Upper

Release Date: Out Now

Brighton’s Clever Thing have previous with stints in 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster and Bad For Lazarus but I hardly think that matters when a song like ‘Fixer Upper’ comes along. If you’re looking for a sexy rock song to grind to then you’ve come to the right place so lube yourself up and let’s get down to it. The stuttering start is akin to huge, petrol guzzling machine jerking in to action and then the grinding guitars snarl in to life and you know this tune means business. Somewhere between Royal Blood, the Dead Weather, Led Zeppelin and Whale is where Clever Thing exist as they spin off in a hundred directions at once and create the soundtrack to the hedonism that will surely follow the impending revolution. A strong contender for single of the year in my book and my book is rarely wrong.

Live Dates:

8th July – Smoked & Uncut Festival, New Forest

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