Velvet Two Stripes – Hey Boy (Rough Trade / Snowhite)
Velvet Two Stripes - Hey Boy

Release Date: Out Now

If I started talking about a trio of women named Diggelmann, Diggelmann and Mock operating out of the town of St. Gallen you’d be forgiven for thinking that I was banging on about a trio of nuns or a banking group. But no, I’m actually talking about the hard rocking three piece Velvet Two Stripes and their new single ‘Hey Boy’ is worth talking about – loudly. At almost bang on three minutes, this tune pulls together the dirty, bluesy sound of the White Stripes, the Dead Weather, We Three And The Death Rattle, Royal Blood and the Black Keys to create something gloriously uproarious in amongst the sea of distortion and tribal rhythms. The scratchy, almost desperate vocal of Sophie Diggelmann is as unique as it is enthralling and when you roll that in with the pure rock created by Diggelmann, Diggelmann and Mock (aka Velvet Two Stries) you just have to let yourself get swept away. Ya dig?

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