Nancy And Beth – Please Mr Jailer
Nancy And Beth - Please Mr Jailer

Release Date: Out Now

None of the members of Nancy and Beth are called Nancy or Beth. One of them is called Megan Mullally, which will peak the interest of Will & Grace fans. But this isn’t really about the people this is about something really refreshing, interesting and immediately engaging – new single ‘Please Mr Jailer’. Take an ivory tinkling blues lament calling on the law man to release the lover of Nancy and/or Beth but set it to a video that could have been a David Lynch creation for Talk Talk in their pomp. This is as sublime as it is ridiculous and that’s no easy combination to achieve. Mullally and her partner in crime Stephanie Hunt are perfectly in sync with each other in terms of harmony and moves which makes for a deliciously fluid piece of entertainment, fluid like a well-mixed cocktail in a tall glass but one that packs a punch and leaves you woozy.

Live Dates:

20th April – Royal Festival Hall, London
22nd April – Palace Theatre, Manchester

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