Matthew & Me – Every Day (Beatnik Records) 
Matthew & Me - Every Day

Release Date: Out Now

I have such a soft spot for Matthew & Me but I sometimes worry that this is partly down to the fact that they always look a bit sad and recently rejected. Then again, they do make great tunes as well so maybe they’re happy on the inside. The latest single from the Totnes duo is ‘Every Day’ and it starts off with a Prince-esque bit of synth work before the vocals and beat kick in to give this a more XX meets the Maccabees vibe – that’s the XX, Prince and the Maccabees before we hit the minute mark, definitely happy in side I reckon. For a duo that spend most of their time in the relatively rural surrounds of Devon’s Totnes, this has a deliciously urban pulse and spirit about it which is hard to resist. It’s also really hard to avoid the urge to stick this on in the car and drive through a city centre at night – like a pimp.

Live Dates:

12th June – Servant Jazz Quarters, London