Katie Laffan – Tastemaker
Katie Laffan - Tastemaker

Release Date: Out Now

Dublin’s Katie Laffan has been compared to Jamie T, Lily Allen and Kate Nash because of her direct style and vocal delivery but I think she’s smarter than that. New single ‘Tastemaker’ is a straight up pop tune with soul in that pulsing bass line and a classic disco vibe going on, that’s all well and good. But then Laffan has infused this tune with a healthy cynicism in the lyrics (“only fools fall in love”) as well as a beautifully shot video of the singer’s grandfather doing his morning physio routine in time with the music whilst wearing the snappiest suit I’ve seen in quite some time. All in all this is the full package but I’d be interested in hearing more from Laffan, I think she’s got a few things worth saying.

Live Dates:

27th April – The Bowery, Dublin

Watch The Video: