Paddy Hanna – Bad Boys
Paddy Hanna - Bad Boys

Release Date: Out Now

Despite a press shot that looks like a photographer captured the exact moment Paddy Hanna was told his girlfriend was cheating on him with his boss and they’ve just decided to fire him, this is one of the perkiest most charming songs I’ve heard in a long time. ‘Bad Boys’ is nothing like the reggae tune made famous by the movie, no it’s actually a sunny little Saturday morning tune that will have you skipping to the paper shop with a spring in your step. There are elements of Me Me Me, Jim Noir, David Kitt and the Divine Comedy in here as the melody bumps along and the vocals sing in a hundred voices to create a rich tapestry of characters. There’s a jaunty little trumpet solo and the kind of shuffling beat that makes your feet itch.......but in a really good way.

Live Dates:

5th May – Whelan’s, Dublin

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