Lots Holloway – World’s on Fire (Why I? Records)
Lots Holloway - World's on Fire

Release Date: 10th March 2017

Another product of the Cornish conveyor belt of talent now in the form of feisty femme Lots Holloway and her politically charged new single ‘World’s on Fire’. Before I get on to the music though, I should mention that the accompanying video is brilliant but in a kind of Charlie Brooker nightmarish pop-video way. Holloway sings like a bonafide popstar over a sparse melody and rolling bass, “the world’s on fire, I think we’re in trouble”. This is a huge tune full of anger and punk attitude but set to melodies that millennials will engage with and that’s the best way to communicate, isn’t it? In a way that everyone will understand. I can hear Kate Bush’s voice at times but with Katy Perry’s mass appeal and, although I don’t normally advocate it, I think Lots Holloway could do a lot worse than selling this out to a global popstar (Perry, Rhianna, Swift et al) to get this message out to more people. I’m starting to hear the voices of protest coming through loud and clear now in 2017 and in different accents too which is really heartening to hear. Protest music you can dance to, now that’s a smooth move to pull off on your debut.

Watch The Video: