Listen With Monger presents One Day Fest - 25 March 2017 @ Inn on the Shore, Downderry

One Day Festival is a day of free music and entertainment in order to raise awareness of and funds for St Luke’s Hospice. The reason for the festival and its name? Well…

One Day my world fell apart. One Day I was diagnosed with cancer and I had to tell my partner, my children, my family and my friends. One Day I went to the hospital and had a tumour removed, had radiotherapy, had lymphedema treatment at St Luke’s Hospice. One day I walked away from the hospital with a new outlook on life. One day it might happen to you….

So, to soundtrack this day of fun and fundraising we will need the right music. The following fine examples of humanity have signed up to play in support of this noble cause and there are more to come so come along, bring the family and enjoy the sounds of:

The Busketeers - A trio of gents from Plymouth who all sing, play guitar and provide beats on an impressive array of covers and original tunes. Need to be seen/heard to be believe/appreciated 

Phat Bollard - If you've ever been in a city centre and heard a group of gents busking like their lives depended on it but with a glint in their eyes then you've probably heard Phat Bollard. They are ace and will get even the most static dancing. 

Jamie Yost – Plymouth based singer-songwriter with a hugely soulful voice and even bigger talent, bashing out songs on his beaten up guitar. 

Joanna Cooke– The unique talents of Joanna Cooke need to be heard to be believed and fully appreciated, especially if you like soul based pop with a hint of jazz and blues. 

Gozer Goodspeed – It’s Blues all the way with Gozer Goodspeed and his fingers of fury, a huge amount of fun to be had by all. 

Nick Gladdish – Devon migrant currently living in Newcastle, Nick is working on a new album of fully original material so come and get a preview. 

Paul Armer – Social commentary and more than a little passion from this Saltash based singer-songwriter. 

The Deviock Community Music Group – The local community music group giving a musical voice and a platform to budding musicians or rusty rock stars throughout the local area.

Mark Cornwall – local hero who needs no website or introduction but will require some Dutch courage.

The whole day is free entry and there are no age restrictions to encourage maximum engagement so just bring some cash for the donation buckets and your best dancing shoes.