K. Flay – High Enough (Night Records/Interscope)
K. Flay - High Enough

Release Date: Out Now

San Franciscan grunge-popper K. Flay is the real deal and new single ‘High Enough’ is a legit hit in waiting. K. Flay’s impish and innocent vocals tease you in to thinking this might be a coquettish little love song but when the chorus hits this becomes a twitching, grinding, sexually charged number with a crunching relentless beat and a sense of freedom and euphoria that usually comes with drugs or sex. The simple guitar riff allows K. Flay the space to explore a few different vocal tones and characters and her stroppy, defiant line “I only, I only got eyes for you” is delivered like a kidnapper justifying her actions to a former lover tied to a chair in a cheap downtown motel. So, a hands in the air party anthem for the obsessive kidnapper in all of us – niche doesn’t even come close.

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