Josh Wheatley – Runaway
Josh Wheatley - Runaway

Release Date: Out Now

It was only a matter of time until management companies, record labels and PR companies start picking up on the Ed Sheeran popularity and start looking for the talent to fill the void he has created in his wake. Unassuming Nottingham lad Josh Wheatley is next up with his new single ‘Runaway’ and, by rights, it should be a bit of a hit. Opening with some gentle acoustic guitar and a soft, almost broken vocals, there soon comes an Ellie Goulding-esque beat and vocal melody that just, well, it works. This is a song that speaks of real and raw emotion at the reak up of a relationship that will chime with so many listeners and for that reason (as well as the slightly weird but compelling video) there is no reason this shouldn’t get A LOT of attention. The rest is up to you.

Watch The Video: