Jerry Williams – I’m Not In Love With You
Jerry Williams - I'm Not In Love With You

Release Date: Out Now

I must admit, I’ve not been entirely convinced by the furore around Portsmouth Princess Jerry Williams in the past but this latest single has won me over so consider me converted. ‘I’m Not Love With You’ sits somewhere between Lily Allen, Alice Jemima, Belle and Sebastian and Kate Nash with that mix of sweet and sour coming across beautifully in this slice of aloof indie-pop shuffles as sultry as can be down Carnaby Street through the last 4 decades. Guitars jangle, the drums bounce like Ringo in his prime and Williams sings with a mixture of sadness and steeliness that really shouldn’t work with this kind of bubblegum indie-pop but it adds something fresh. Like the burn you get in your throat after a smooth shot of whisky.

Live Dates:

28th March – The Waiting Room, London

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