I See Rivers – Da Ram 
I See Rivers - Da Ram

Release Date: Out Now

Here we have three women from Norway who have relocated to Liverpool and gone to the Hairdresser’s and asked for three differing haircuts that cannot be tied to an ear. Not bad for a day’s work. On the next day, I See Rivers penned ‘Da Ram’ and it’s quite the delight. Think of a more perky First Aid Kit or Sound of the Sirens with a more mischievous bent and you’re getting the idea. This romps like 6 Day Riot at their peak and skips with impish delight through the delicate notes and three part vocal harmonies that would soothe the most tortured of souls. The video is also a joy to behold and at only two and a half minutes long this is like a light and zesty hors d’oeuvres which makes me salivate for the main course.

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