Cissi Forss – The Way
Cissi Forss - The Way

Release Date: Out Now

It might sound like a really contrived joke set-up but this song is borne from a Swedish fashion house (Gina Tricot) wanting to create a campaign around sustainable use of denim, then recruiting Swedish actress Cissi Forss to rap over a tune created by Swedish producer pair Falcor. It might sound bonkers but when you get in to the song, ‘The Way’, it just gets weirder. Furious handclaps and an up-tempo dance melody all make sense to an extent but then comes Forss’ rapping which is like something out of a compelling Eurovision tune. Sure, it’s a little bit preachy but the message is a good one (reuse, don’t over wash clothes, recycle) even if the shoe-horning of the word sustainable is increasingly difficult. The video is equally bizarre with Forss starting off chatting with her own reflection before dancing around a factory looking like a Status Quo groupie in head-to-toe denim. Then the action shifts to India and things get more colourful if not any less ‘unique’. The message and the melody is a strong one but it’s also incredibly hard to make a song about not washing your jeans twice a week particularly engaging. Good effort though.

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