Angie – Spun (Universal) 
Angie - Spun

Release Date: Out Now

She’s back! Sweden’s answer to the love child of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga is back with different coloured hair and the same sense of sassy attitude that we’ve grown to love. ‘Spun’ is the latest release from the self-professed L’il Weed Hoe and it does nothing to halt her assault on the pop world. When a single’s opening lines are “Avoid eye contact, you want me, I know it’s a fact. Yeah, you want that snatch but I am moving too fast” then you know you’re in for a ride in every sense. The stuttering melody is more rhythmic than fluid but Angie’s Lana Del Ray meets Katy Perry smooth vocal in the chorus eases the juddering. Angie’s style is flawlessly poised but also effortless or at least it has the appearance of taking no effort but then that’s part of Angie’s charm. “I smoke it, I snort it, I roll it, I love it” she sings and with the way the world is going who are any of us to argue with her? If we’re all going to hell then we might as well do it with a smile on our faces.

Live Dates:

5th April – Gold Dust @ The Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London