Trapdoor Social – Never Stop Listening
Trapdoor Social - Never Stop Listening

Release Date: Out Now

There is so much to be angry about right now as the world burns with every turn so it’s important to remember the individual injustices as well as the bigger picture. LA troupe Trapdoor Social have focused their latest single, ‘Never Stop Listening’, on raising the profile of the protest at Standing Rock and battle between history, heritage and corporate greed. The message is noble, for sure, but the delivery of that message is also glorious. In the style of Incubus, Trapdoor Social put forward an impassioned Westcoast indie-rock message with some haunting harmonies blended with some urgent, agitated guitars that burrow and persist like the insistent protestors forcing their message on to the ‘powers that be’ through any channel possible. This is anthemic, rousing and emotion filled – all the things music should be if you want to get a message across without any confusion.

Live Dates:

13th February – Springwater, Nashville
14th February – The Open Chord, Knoxville
16th February – Rake’s End, Cincinnati
18th February – Wilbert’s, Cleveland
20th February – Teavolve, Baltimore

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