Tom Baker – My Confession 
Tom Baker - My Confession

Release Date: Out Now

Plymouthian Tom Baker has his fingers in a number of musical pies but every now and again he pulls his fingers from those pies for just long enough to pen an original song or two and the latest fruits of that pie fingered labour is new single ‘My Confession’. Soft, intimate and late night keys introduce the song before some soulful vocal creeps in from the wee small hours with a John Legend feel to it. As the title would suggest, there is a confessional feel to the song that speaks of a man at the end of his tether with nowhere left to turn other than the truth. Some welcome strings add warmth and redemption towards the end of this song but at over five minutes long this has the feel of a mid-album track more than a single that’s going to get acres of airplay. Nevertheless, Baker has the voice of an accomplished performer and the songwriting ability to match so this gives us something to chew on until he decides to leave those bloody pies alone.

Live Dates:

14th April – The Inn on the Shore, Downderry (FREE)