The Darts – My Heart Is A Graveyard (Dirty Water Records) 
The Darts - My Heart Is A Graveyard

Release Date: Out Now

I’ve been tracking US rock’n’rollers The Darts for a while, waiting while the skipping rope circles for the right time to jump in. New single ‘My Heart Is A Graveyard’ seems to be the right opportunity so let’s get started. The bassline and guitar riff match up like the theme for an episode of vintage Batman that was canned because Catwoman kicked too much ass while the organs drift ofver the tune like Dracula’s velvet cape on a dark night. The excellently named Nikki Stixx beats those drums with as much venom as the next guy/gal and the vocals are pure attitude wrapped up in a sugary coating – tequila filled cupcakes, if you will. There’s a sense of fun to this, for sure, but it’s holding hands with a sense of mischief and I’ll give you three guesses as to which one is leading the way…

Live Dates:

3rd March – Bunkhouse, Las Vegas
4th March – Winter’s Tavern, Pacifica
5th March – Lot 1 Café, Los Angeles
6th March – Tower Bar, San Diego
7th March – Rebel Lounge, Phoenix
10th March – Flycatcher, Tucson
11th March – Viva, Phoenix
28th March – Valley Bar, Phoenix
28th May – 3rd June – UK, France & Italy

Watch The Video: