Sleeptalking – Professional Dreamer (Funnel Music) 
Sleeptalking - Professional Dreamer

Release Date: Out Now

Bristol collective Sleeptalking have already gained the Eavis stamp of approval with a personal invitation to play Glastonbury this year and they’re only on their second single release. ‘Professional Dreamer’ (there’s a nocturnal theme here) opens with a distorted string of static before kicking hard with a throbbing bass line and a the flailingly flamboyant vocals of a man born to perform in front of an audience. This is sexy, slithering rock’n’roll but with a brain and a sense of the theatrical about it which is all good in my book. “All that we can do is fantasize, the only truly human enterprise” they sing whilst all the while sounding like they should be naked from the waist up and only clad in leather from the waist down. Sexy and intelligent – what a powerful combination?!

Live Dates:

2nd March – Gwdihw Café Bar, Cardiff
3rd March – Verve Bar, Leeds
4th March – The Peer Hat, Manchester
7th March – The Fulford Arms, York
8th March – Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow
9th March – The Mash House, Edinburgh
10th March – Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Liverpool
11th March – The RS Bar, Sheffield
23rd March – 60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth
24th March – The Louisiana, Bristol

29th March – Notting Hill Arts Club, London