Sarah Walk – Still Frames (One Little Indian Records) 
Sarah Walk - Still Frames

Release Date: Out Now

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop it. Unless you’re operating heavy machinery or keeping someone alive with CPR then sit down, read this and then watch the video by the stunningly talented Sarah Walk. ‘Still Frames’ is one of the most arresting and instantly engaging tunes I have heard in a long time and, coupled with the beautiful video, it presents a package that has – and I’m not remotely ashamed to say this – moved me to tears on two occasions already. The gentle, almost absent minded piano that introduces this tune soon develops in to something more lush and there is a tangible but sad warmth to this song that it is pointless to resist. The repeated refrain of “you were holding on and I was letting go” speak volumes about the difference in outlooks when a relationship comes to an end for whatever reason. ‘Still Frames’ has soul, tenderness, raw passion and a dusky vocal style that threatens to crack with emotion at the end of every line. Sarah Walk might be from Minneapolis but for the way she has spoken directly to my heart and, I would wager, thousands of others makes her a truly global talent in waiting.

Live Dates:

13th April – The Forge, London

Watch the Video: