Sarah Klang – Strangers (Pangur Musik) 
Sarah Klang - Strangers

Release Date: Out Now

This is one of those songs that you have to put on again as soon as it’s finished just to check that it’s as lovely, heartbreaking and luscious as you thought it was. ‘Strangers’ was apparently written when Klang was living in Gothenburg but just about to move to Stockholm and that sense of a chapter closing and another opening up is writ large on the walls of this alt-country tune. This is First Aid Kit but darker, Johnny Cash doing ‘Hurt’ but with a sweeter voice or the perfect song to leave town on a Greyhound bus to if your head tells you to leave but your heart is hanging on to the bus stop with every last beat. The guitars are warm and inviting, the drums subtle and the organ rich and smooth but it’s Sarah Klang’s stunning voice that sells it. In fact, the only blemish on this otherwise perfect release is the press photo that looks like a reject from a 70s wedding but at least it’s an original and unusual image.

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