Karma Club – Timelines (FUNNEL MUSIC) 
Karma Club - Timelines

Release Date: Out Now

Karma Club are from Bath and their debut single is ‘da bomb’ (as the kids say) which has had me searching for a joke around Bath Bombs but then I gave up under the excuse that I don’t want to get on one of Donald Trump’s lists. Anyway, ‘Timelines’ is an utterly gorgeous slice of Afro-pop indie with hip-hop rhythms and the heart of an 80s smash – sounds mental but it totally works (like peanut butter and Bovril, trust me). The guitar sound is sumptuous and the melodies weave like fireflies at a hormonally charged lake party in an American teen movie featuring impossibly ripped kids all ready to bone like the world is ending. Which, if it’s a new American film, it might actually be. Regardless, this is a gorgeous slab of indie-pop which has but one fault – a slightly overblown instrumental section towards the end that takes the song over four minutes. It’s still a strong 8 though.

Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/karmaclubsounds/karma-club-timelines