I AM OK – A Winner You Are (Dudes of Mayhem) 
I AM OK - A Winner You Are

Release Date: 10th February 2017

Swedish label Dudes of Mayhem have a real talent for picking up bands with little or no discernible online presence. Uppsala singer-songwriter I AM OK is another of these artists and new single ‘A Winner You Are’ is an adorable slice of indie rock that deserves a bigger audience. The optimistic guitars and triumphant drums that open the tune are lifted from the late 80s like something the Cure might have written on a good day when they’d listened to lots of Springsteen. I AM OK’s vocal is semi-drawled and sort of incomprehensible but it’s also hugely endearing in a kind of Wayne Coyne way. Any video for this really ought to feature plenty of colour and a lot of movement – probably a car driving through a neon city at night, something like that.