Goose – Call Me (Safari Records) 
Goose - Call Me

Release Date: Out Now

I’ve always had a soft spot for Belgian electro-nutters Goose and felt that they weren’t given enough respect so now is my chance to help redress the balance a little. New single ‘Call Me’ comes ahead of a new album and it has the feeling of something big about to happen with its ominous tones droning at the beginning before a skittish, itchy melody starts to bleed in with huge portent. Soon enough the tune starts to build up with the atmosphere and tension of an Above & Beyond floor filler – all class and melodies designed to make your spirit soar. The subdued vocals give this a dream-like vibe that would go down perfectly in the midst of a massive high in Ibiza or just as the sun is coming up and you are coming down. Glorious.

Live Dates:

18th February – Generiq Festival, Besancon
16th March – Snowcase, Wiehl
13th April – Camden Assembly, London
2nd June – Gladiolen, Olen
8th July – Rock Zottegem, Zottegem
9th July – Cactus Festival, Bruges

Watch the Video: