Brodie Moniker – Push Play DJ (Extra Credibility Records) 
Brodie Moniker - Push Play DJ

Release Date: Out Now

Dapper Canadian gent Brodie Moniker might just be my new best friend. I mean, firstly, just look at him!? Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this dude? He’d get you in to all the best parties, for sure. Then there’s this song, ‘Push Play DJ’. It comes in like ‘Tell Me Something Good’ by Rufus and Chaka Khan but played by Lynyrd Skynyrd. But then it swings in to Weezer territory and the wall of organs, distorted guitar and sleazy, snarling assured vocals make this a real rock’n’roll wonder. It’s over four minutes long but oh that riff? I could listen to those fuzzy, scuzzed up guitars all night long and with an album due out in March I might just get the chance. I wonder if Mr Moniker would hand deliver me a copy?