Booty Feet – Booty Feet EP 
Booty Feet - Booty Feet EP

Release Date: Out Now 

Firstly, great name. Booty Feet suggest indie but also cuteness and that’s a tough combination to pull off so bravo for that. Still, cuteness is probably not what the Texas trio were after when they put this EP together. Kicking off with ‘Scotty Pippin’ and immediately I love the lo-fi, Dick Dale inspired guitars which layer up to create a nice beachy vibe that, for two and a half minutes, makes you forget that these guys come from landlocked Texas. ‘No Dad (Simple Song)’ is a grungy little number to start off with but once that groove settles in there’s a more post-rock vibe going on with a satisfying guitar chug being tempered by some delicate keys and perky, cymbal heavy drums.

One can only imagine that old George is a huge influence on the music of Booty Feet as the jazz influenced, Incubus-esque noodling of ‘Clooney’ swings in to view in a sharp suit that smells of cigarettes and infidelity. ‘Birdhouse’ has a similarly complex structure that shows off the band’s technical ability like a less aggressive Biffy Clyro or At The Drive-In cutting lose and not stressing out so much. On ‘Foxtrot’ there’s a bass sound that puts me in mind of early Veruca Salt but the expansive Math-rock is more progressive and mind bending.

This collection closes out on ‘Lungs’, the most subdued of all the tracks to begin with but at seven and a half minutes long there is plenty of room for this tune to meander, change form and change direction which it takes full advantage of. Booty Feet are a hard band to pigeon hole or classify which is a rare and beautiful thing these days. Crucially, though, they have two key ingredients in talent and ideas. Keep those two at the forefront and they’ll always make good music, no doubt about that.