Beach Riot – B.A.D. 
Beach Riot - B.A.D.

Release Date: Out Now

This is what I love about doing this blog. Brand new bands still shitting in their nappies coming to me with their quivering songs, still learning how to breathe and scream. London quartet Beach Riot (great name btw, really great) are shiny and new and their debut single is ‘B.A.D.’ and it. is. glorious. A grinding, relentless grunge-pop riff comes burning in to view like a flaming motorcycle straight from hell with a beat that is straight out of the Keith Moon school of drumming. I’m reminded of Cable, the Dirty Nil, Kerbdog early Nirvana and really early Feeder due to the retention of melody along with the dirtiness of the riffage. Gritty, angry, melodic and sub-three minutes. Like I said, glorious!

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