BAIT – Push The Elephant (Cool Thing Records) 
BAIT - Push The Elephant

Release Date: 24th February 2017

For once I am genuinely struggling to type something meaningful here that will add to what I’ve been listening to on a loop for the last 10 minutes. BAIT is an elusive audio-visual artist from the UK (I think, information is scant) and this single is his (I think) latest release. ‘Push The Elephant’ is 165 seconds of unforgiving, relentless and churning indie-art-rock that channels the Killing Joke, Death in Vegas, the Chemical Brother and the Prodigy at their most brutalist. Throw in some punk vocals and a real sense of clenched teeth anger and you’re getting close but I wouldn’t get too close – this song will bite you if it gets the chance. I’m hooked on the circular riff and football chant of “push the elephant” which is now burrowed deep in to my brain like the earworm that tequila couldn’t kill off. A strong contender for single of the year already.

More information: There Is None