Sarah Beatty – Bandit Queen 
Sarah Beatty - Bandit Queen

Release Date: Out Now

This is a feisty little tune befitting its subject matter, a story about a 19th century horse rustler and bank robber of the female persuasion. ‘Bandit Queen’ has a bluesy groove on the acoustic but Beatty’s voice skips and soars with a style that is somewhere between pop and jazz (pazz perhaps). Lyrically, this is pure Laura Marling meets Joan Baez story telling at it’s very best – “I’m the baddest bandit queen you did ever see” and “I’ve got a brain between these legs”. Sarah Beatty hails from Hamilton in Canada but the dry, dusty swagger behind this tune is pure mid-west America if ever I heard it. Now chew the cork out of a bottle of sarsaparilla and strap this on to your ears.