Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys – Favourite Messenger
Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys - Favourite Messenger

Release Date: Out Now

It may be because I’ve been mainlining Twin Peaks from the very beginning for the past week but there’s something about the video for this latest release from Brighton’s Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys that really appeals. ‘Favourite Messenger’, as a song, has a slightly Jeff Buckley-esque opening which fits in with the visuals before Jordan’s near-falsetto vocal offers a gentle invitation. The skiffle percussion and country melody creates aural images of Fleet Foxes or the Treetop Flyers – neither of which are bad things in my opinion. Jordan has a voice that stands out in a crowd for all the right reason and, as a band, they create a sound that is crafted with time, love and care – much like a well-aged whisky.

Live Dates:

10th February – Hope & Ruin, Brighton w/Big Thief

Watch The Video: