Laura Jean Anderson – Won’t Give Up On You
Laura Jean Anderson - Won't Give Up On You

I feel like the ideas of protest and women’s voices are high on the global agenda right now and that’s a very good thing but I’m still trying to build up a sound track – I just don’t think Little Mix’s dance routines or Fifth Harmony singing about having sex with their nightshift hubby is going to bring about any meaningful change. So, when an artist like Laura Jean Anderson steps up to the microphone it’s imperative that we not only pay attention but that we recognise something special has just arrived. Anderson’s new single, ‘Won’t Give Up On You’, feels like the spirit of Janis Joplin or a young Patti Smith is coursing through it’s veins as her powerful but oh-so-smooth vocals carry the song for the most part with just some idly strummer electric guitar notes for company. Only as the song reaches it’s climax do the rest of the band join in, giving Anderson’s voice room to wail and soar like Joplin would have in her hey day. This isn’t necessarily a protest song but it feels like one of the strongest female voices I’ve heard in a while and one that I’m glad to have heard at a time like this. 

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30th January - Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles
7th February - Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles