Koria Kitten Riot – The Earth Will Spin Around (VILD Recordings) 
Koria Kitten Riot - The Earth Will Spin Around

If you’re after some chilled and blissed out indie from a bygone era but with a thoroughly modern, Finnish vibe then a) you’re very demanding but b) you’ve come to the right place. Helsinki outfit Koria Kitten Riot have borrowed heavily from the past on ‘The Earth Will Spin Around’ with Sgt. Peppers era Beatles in evidence but the languid guitars and summery haze vocals are pure Wilco, Midlake, Grandaddy, Grasshow and Elliot Smith which are all very good things. I’m all for protest songs – in fact I actively encourage them – but sometimes what you actually need is a song that says “fuck it, let’s climb that hill, lie in the long grass, roll a fat one and stare at the clouds until the sun goes down or somebody presses a big red button and kills us all….whichever comes first”. And don’t forget the Doritos.