Johnossi – Hands (Polydor) 
Johnossi - Hands

Well this is euphoric stuff on a very personal level. Swedish duo Johnossi offer ‘Hands’ for your delectation which is essentially an uplifting dance track played out on a couple of guitars and a bit of percussion so you can dance in slow motion around a fire on a beach somewhere on the Mediterranean. Think Passengers and Avicii or Calvin Harris having a jam with his mates because nobody takes a laptop to a BBQ on a beach, right? Strangely, it’s also the kind of tune that could wake the judges up from their slumber and be, you know, pretty good on Eurovision but I’m fairly sure Sweden don’t want the hassle of hosting the competition again. My only beef with this track is the press shot that looks like the mum of the one of the left has said “boys, just let me take a picture of you in your band, you’re so adorable!”. Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, ugh. So embarrassing.

Live Dates: 

15th February - Oslo, Hackney
1st March - Werk 2, Leipzig
2nd March - FLEX, Vienna
3rd March - Muffathalle, Munich
4th March - Volkhaus, Zurich