Frida Sundemo – We Are Dreamers
Frida Sundemo - We Are Dreamers

Another one off the Swedish pop conveyor belt as Frida Sundemo presents her new single ‘We Are Dreamers’ for judgement. In terms of genres, this needs to be filed under optimistic pop as the song bubbles just under the surface for large parts of the song, waiting for a generation to wake up and respond to a rallying call of no specific nature. Musically, this is essentially Sia and Coldplay collaborating on the opening song for a Winter Olympics and the video suggests Sundemo has already worked out the dance routine. I feel like there’s more to come from Frida Sundemo as this leans more to the Robyn end of pop (no bad thing) when I get the sense that, given the space and time, something more akin to Bjork might come out of this Swedish mind. Either way, she seems to be amassing an impressive army of fans so I’m not about to start any kind of online row. 

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