Bianca Rose feat. Ayanna Witter-Johnson – Because of Love
Bianco Rose - Because of Love

Now this song is a great example of why it’s always important to listen to a track all the through (at least once) before making up your mind. You see, this single from British/Jamaican/Nigerian singer-songwriter Bianca Rose was, at first, doing very little for me. ‘Because of Love’ sounded like a straight Des’Ree copy played out on soft acoustic guitar which was pleasant enough but not exactly making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Then, during this song at about the 2 minute mark, the acoustic guitar is joined by the plucked strings and hammered woodwork of a Cello being expertly played by Ayanna Witter-Johnson and suddenly we have an alt-jazz tune that is slowly evolving in front of our ears. The mistake I made in listening to this track was in rushing to come to conclusions when all you need to do is let this wash over you and enjoy two superbly talented vocalists taking their time with a sweet and simple love song. One to savour. 

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