The Shakers – Brixton Kiss 
The Shakers - Brixton Kiss (Photo: Jonjo Roony)

Release Date: Out Now

London quintet The Shakers are pretty much bookending the year on Listen With Monger which is no bad thing as so many bands have that have fallen by the way side in 2016 – never mind legends. The bands new single, ‘Brixton Kiss’, is simultaneously skittish and relaxed with the guitars lurching and swaying around while the drums keep things tight and funky like a Bruno Mars chart smasher. I can just imagine a club full of indie kids losing their collective nut to this song as long as they keep just the right side of that white-boy funk line which they just about achieve by the skin of their skinny jeans.

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Live Dates:

22nd December – OTC Bar @ Off The Cuff, London

12th January – The Half Moon, Putney